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HoriZZon is the web portal of Enterprise Studio that can be used to share real-time content from Enterprise Studio with a wide range of users. Model packages and projects stored on the Team Server can be made available to users without the need for an installation of Enterprise Studio.

On this page:



The contents of model packages and projects can be shared with other users in HoriZZon by adding sites. A site shows the diagrams and views of a model package or project. The model information of a site is always kept in sync with the latest commits in the Team Server. Users can perform analyses on the model content by generating, for example, color views or chart views, or creating own dashboards.


Kibana dashboards (from Elastic™) can be created and added to HoriZZon to be shared with other users. Kibana dashboards can offer additional insights into your Enterprise Studio data.


Workflows in HoriZZon help users to collaborate on model packages. HoriZZon has one built-in workflow that is predefined by BiZZdesign, but also supports custom workflows, which you can define yourself. Workflow requests can be made for diagrams, views, objects and relations in a model.

Team Server administration

The following sections of the Team Server administration pages are also available: Packages, Users, Groups, and Settings. The latter is only accessible to System Administrator users.


The URL of the HoriZZon web portal and integrated Team Server administration pages is: 


If you only have a hosted Team Server, the URL is the same.

The exact location of your HoriZZon web portal and Team Server will be provided by BiZZdesign Support.

Preferred browsers for working with HoriZZon and Team Server are Chrome and Firefox.


After signing in to HoriZZon, the homepage appears showing the user's favorite views and popular views, which may be empty when visiting for the first time. There is also an overview of the last updated views. The popular and last updated views show the content of sites the user has access to, 12 views at the maximum. The homepage is the starting point for everything in HoriZZon and the Team Server administration pages.

User roles and permissions in HoriZZon

Users that need to have access to HoriZZon need to be registered in the Team Server. What users can and cannot do and see in HoriZZon depends on their roles. For detailed information about the available user roles and the associated permissions in HoriZZOn, please refer to User roles and permissions.