One of the components that is used within the Team Platform functionality is the Activity Console. The Activity Console keeps track of the different types of actions performed by the users in the context of the Team Platform work.

The Activity Console logs the following activities:

  • Sending invitations to users to register with Horizzon and/or work together on model packages.
  • Saving model packages for tracking progress and working together.
  • Changes to model packages made the by users.

In addition, the Activity Console keeps track of whether contributions from other users are already included in your own model package, and informs you when your own contributions are not yet synchronized.

The Activity Console is automatically installed during the installation of Enterprise Studio. It initially appears as a square  in the system tray of your computer after starting the tool, but moves shortly after to the hidden icons in the system tray. Clicking the icon opens the activity overview.


Activity Console icon directly after starting (left), and with the hidden icons (right)

Registration of activities

Registration in the Activity Console takes place the moment an activity has occurred. If you just track progress of your own model packages, the console only shows your own activities. If you work together with other people on model packages, the console also shows the activities of the other participating users.

Once the Activity Console is running, it stays active, even after you have closed Enterprise Studio. This is particularly useful for model packages people work on together. This way you can keep track of all activities related to these model packages, even if you are not working with Enterprise Studio.