Bizzdesign has its own licensing system for its software products, it does not use any external hardware. The licensing system is embedded in the Horizzon Server, which acts as the licensing server. The Horizzon Server also forms the basis for the central storage place. Model packages and projects are stored and managed there, and so are the users working on these model packages and projects.

The Bizzdesign licensing system distinguishes different types of seats. A seat is related to a user's role in Horizzon, which determines the user's permissions in Horizzon, the Horizzon Server administration pages in Horizzon, and Enterprise Studio. The license page in the Horizzon Server settings gives insight in your license configuration (currently only available in on-premise installations of the Horizzon Server).

Activating the licensing system only requires registering a license key in the Horizzon Server. This key is provided by Bizzdesign.

Expired software license

If the software license is about to expire, administrator users will be informed about this in time. During this period, they have the opportunity to renew the license. It can be done by contacting Bizzdesign Support. 

If the license is not renewed in time, it will expire. Once the license has expired, the software goes into a 2-week grace period. During this grace period, a message will appear at the top of the Horizzon Server and Horizzon pages informing all users working in the portal that the license has expired. During the period, Administrator and System Administrator users will receive periodic e-mail reminders, which will give them the opportunity to renew the license. If the license is still not renewed after this grace period, the Horizzon Server will immediately go into lockdown, affecting all users working on the server.

Expiration of the license is not explicitly mentioned in Enterprise Studio. If the license has been expired, users will see a message indicating that they do not have a valid license.