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Viewpoints that have been created based on generated view filters are located in the Viewpoints pane. These viewpoints remain available on the model package and can that way be reactivated several times in diagrams and views within the model package. 


  1. Ensure that the appropriate diagram or view is open in the drawing area and that it is the one you are looking at. This is what we call the active diagram or view.

  2. In the Viewpoints pane, click the viewpoint you want to activate.

Next, the result of the viewpoint is displayed in the diagram or view. In the Viewpoints pane, the activated viewpoint is highlighted.

Activated viewpoint, highlighted in the Viewpoints pane

If you have specified that the view filter must be applied on all diagrams and views in the model when generating the view filter the viewpoint is based on, then the viewpoint is not only activated on the active diagram or view but on all diagrams and views within the same model. If you, after activating the viewpoint, open another diagram or view in the model, it will also automatically receive the viewpoint.

Activating a viewpoint on a selection of objects

If you do not want to execute a viewpoint on an entire diagram or view, then you can also execute it on a selection of objects in a diagram or view. This requires some preliminary work on the viewpoint using the Query tool.

Activating a viewpoint in manage mode

It is possible to activate a viewpoint when the viewpoint overview is in manage mode. In that case, right-click the viewpoint in the overview and click Execute command. If you click it again, the viewpoint is deactivated again.

Activating a viewpoint using a button in the diagram or view

Instead of activating a viewpoint by clicking it in the Viewpoints pane, you can also place a button on the diagram or view, and use that for activating the viewpoint.

Viewpoint button in a view


  1. Make sure that the viewpoint is saved in the model. If it is not, save it first.

  2. Open the diagram or view you want to add the viewpoint button to.

  3. In the Viewpoints pane, right-click the viewpoint, and click Manage viewpoints. The viewpoints overview is now in manage mode.

  4. Drag the viewpoint from the overview onto the diagram or view. A viewpoint button is created in the diagram or view.

Double-clicking the button will activate the viewpoint in the diagram or view.

Refreshing a viewpoint

If you edit the model while a viewpoint is activated, it might be needed to refresh the viewpoint in order to see the changes. To refresh a viewpoint, do as follows:

  • On the View ribbon tab, click Refresh. Alternatively, you can press F5.

Showing viewpoints per model

If your model package contains many viewpoints, showing all viewpoints can get cluttering. In that case, you can choose to only show the viewpoints per model. To limit the number of shown viewpoints to the active model, do as follows:

  • Right-click in the Viewpoints pane, and then click Show all viewpoints to deactivate it.

Now only the viewpoints of the currently active model will be shown.