With the Hyperlink graphic shape in the Create pane you can add hyperlinks to your diagram or view. You can create links to websites, external files and other elements in the model package, but also links to send an e-mail message. 


  1. In the Create pane, in the Graphic shapes section, click Hyperlink , and then click in the open diagram or view. A new hyperlink object is created.

  2. Select the hyperlink object, and then click at the top of the object. The link editor appears.

  3. In the link editor, specify the details of the hyperlink.

  4. Optional: If you create a reference to a file of a graphical format, you can choose to embed the file in an InSite Lite or RTF report by selecting the Embed target in reports check box. If embedded, the actual picture instead of the link will be added to the report when you create a report of the model.

    The InSite Lite reporting function is deprecated and no longer supported. Please use Horizzon for reporting your models.

  5. Click OK to close the link editor.

If you want to link from an object in a diagram or view to another diagram or view, place a hyperlink over the object and make the hyperlink object transparent using the Transparency control on the Home ribbon tab.

When creating a hyperlink, the name of the link is shown centrally located on the hyperlink object. You can use the Attach Label control on the Home ribbon tab to change the position of the label, for example, if you prefer to position the label outside of the object. To get the label outside of the object, you first select a label position to one of the sides (top, bottom, left, right), then select the label position Attach Outside.