For advanced modeling in Enterprise Studio, the following possibilities are available: using scripts and customizing the Enterprise Studio tool configuration.

Using scripts

Scripts can be used when elaborate or very specific custom analyses on model data are required. Enterprise Studio has the Query tool to create advanced queries on your models and present the results in a way that exactly meets your requirements. The Query tool is the built-in script editor and debugger.

Creating scripts is intended for advanced users who have experience with scripting.

Using scripts in Enterprise Studio

Customizing the tool configuration

Enterprise Studio comes pre-configured with several built-in metamodels like the ArchiMate®, BPMN™, and DMN™ modeling language. They represent the different modeling languages and methods available in the tool. The configuration of a modeling language or method is defined in its metamodel. A metamodel defines among other things the elements of the language or method, what they look like, what they do and which information can be registered with them. A metamodel consists of multiple files in which different things are stored.

Sometimes you may wish to make your own additions or modifications to the configuration of a metamodel. The Metamodeler is an integrated component of Enterprise Studio and can be used to make basic customizations to your tool configuration. It supports various customizations including custom profiles, data types, documentation fields, viewpoint definitions, and a menu definition, and testing and implementing the customizations in your model packages or Enterprise Studio tool configuration.

Customizing the tool configuration is intended for advanced users who are familiar with changing metamodel configurations. 

The Metamodeler

ArchiMate® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.

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