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The changes you have made to a project you are working on may also be desired in the model package it is created from. To do this you need to manually apply your contributions from the project to its master model package. They are not automatically included in the master model package.

You can apply contributions from a project to its master model package if you are invited to contribute to both the project and its master model package.

When applying contributions to the master model package all available contributions will be included. It is not possible to include only part of the contributions.

Required roles

Designer or Lead Designer


  1. On the File tab, click Manage Project, and then click Apply Contributions. The tab shows all available contributions.

  2. Click Apply to include the contributions in the master model package.

After updating, the master model package is shown in the model browser. You can view the changes and continue working on the model package.

If the Apply button is not available, but instead the following message appears, it means that the master model package is not available to apply the contributions to. The master model package must have been opened at least once in your Enterprise Studio in order to make it active. So first open the master model package (and close it again), and then try to apply the contributions again.