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The following table shows the Implementation and Migration elements that can be used to create ArchiMate® models.

Each element is visualized in an example, using the default color of the element. Other elements and relations in the example are faded in order to place them in the background.

For a more detailed description of ArchiMate elements and their use, please see the official ArchiMate specification, or visit the website of The Open Group (

The element with a * next to its name is specific for Enterprise Studio. It can be used in ArchiMate modeling, but it is not an ArchiMate element.

Implementation and migration elements


Name + description

Work Package

A work package represents a series of actions identified and designed to achieve specific results within specified time and resource constraints.


A program represents a specialization of a work package. It is a coordinated set of projects that deliver business benefits to the organization.

The element does not have its own notation in the ArchiMate language.


A deliverable represents a precisely-defined result of a work package. Work packages produce deliverables.

Implementation Event

An implementation event represents a behavior element that denotes a state change related to implementation or migration. Work packages may be triggered or interrupted by an implementation event.


A plateau represents a relatively stable state of the architecture that exists during a limited period of time.


A gap represents a statement of difference between two plateaus.

The gap element is associated with two plateaus and represents the differences between these plateaus.

ArchiMate® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.