The following table shows the Strategy elements that can be used to create ArchiMate® models. 

Each element is visualized in an example, using the default color of the element. Other elements and relations in the example are faded in order to place them in the background.

For a more detailed description of ArchiMate elements and their use, please see the official ArchiMate specification, or visit the website of The Open Group (

In addition to the ArchiMate elements, Enterprise Studio offers an additional element. This element can be used in ArchiMate modeling, but it is not an official ArchiMate element.

Strategy elements


Name + description


A resource represents an asset owned or controlled by an individual or organization. Resources are often considered, together with capabilities, to be sources of competitive advantage for organizations. Resources can be classified into tangible assets – financial assets, physical assets, intangible assets, and human assets.


A capability represents an ability that an active structure element, such as an organization, person, or system, possesses. Capabilities are often used for capability-based planning, to describe their evolution over time.

Value stream

A value stream represents a sequence of activities that create an overall result for a customer, stakeholder, or end user. A key principle of value streams is that value is always defined from the perspective of the stakeholder – the customer, end user, or recipient of the product, service, or deliverable produced by the work. The value obtained is in the eye of the beholder; it depends more on the stakeholder's perception of the worth of the product, service, outcome, or deliverable than on its intrinsic value; i.e., the cost to produce. This is modeled using the Value element.

Value streams can be defined at different levels of the organization, e.g., at the enterprise level, business unit level, or department level. Value streams can be a composition or aggregation of sub-streams.

Course of action

A course of action represents an approach or plan for configuring some capabilities and resources of the enterprise, undertaken to achieve a goal. A course of action represents what an enterprise has decided to do. Courses of action can be categorized as strategies and tactics.

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