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As of Enterprise Studio 3.1, a new Business Model Canvas is available in the ArchiMate® model for tighter integration with the ArchiMate modeling language and with other canvas-based strategy views in the ArchiMate model. It replaces the Business Model Canvas in the BMC metamodel.

This topic discusses the Business Model Canvas in the BMC metamodel, and mainly serves as support for existing BMC models. For modeling a new Business Model Canvas, please refer to Modeling a Business Model Canvas. For general information about the Business Model Canvas in ArchiMate models, see Strategy and business modeling in Enterprise Studio.

When a Business Model Canvas is mapped onto an ArchiMate model, the sticky notes from the canvas are mapped to ArchiMate concepts according to a default mapping. If you want (specific) sticky notes to be changed into different ArchiMate concepts than the default, you can individually assign them an ArchiMate concept.


  1. In the Business Model Canvas, select a sticky note, and then click .

  2. The icon of the default ArchiMate concept is shown at the right side of the sticky note. Click it, select the desired ArchiMate concept, and click OK. The concept icon now changes accordingly.

Return to default ArchiMate concept

To reset a sticky note to its default ArchiMate concept, click the concept icon, check if the concept is set to "Default", and click OK.

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