The Bizzdesign modeling tools offer a range of standard analysis and reporting functions. Many of these retrieve model data, process it, and present the results in various output formats, like color views, label views, tables, or browsing trees. When more elaborate or very specific custom analyses are required, Bizzdesign query scripting will provide the necessary tools to create advanced queries on your models and present the results in a way that exactly meets your requirements.

This documentation contains an introduction to the use of the Query tool, the built-in script editor and debugger, and features a comprehensive reference of the scripting language with many script examples. Whenever the text refers to "the tool", Enterprise Studio is meant.

The scripting reference is intended for users who have experience with scripting.

Please note that examples might be specific for one of the Bizzdesign modeling tools. Other examples might assume the presence of extra, non-standard profile attributes.

Remarks and questions

All scripting documented on the Bizzdesign Support site is officially supported. You can contact Bizzdesign Support if you need help on this matter. Scripting that is not documented on the Support site is not officially supported. If you need support on advanced use cases of scripting, Bizzdesign can offer technical consultancy support. For more information and possibilities, please contact your Bizzdesign account manager.