If you want to display a relation in your diagram or view in a different way than its regular shape, you can change the graphic shape of its endpoints. You can change the shape of a single relation but also multiple relations at the same time.

A long list of symbols is available for changing the graphic shape of an object or relation. The list includes:

  • the official shapes and icons as defined in the respective language standards
  • alternative general shapes and icons from the tool configuration
  • a selection of  the most used Amazon Web Services architecture icons (names start with "AWS_")
  • any self-defined custom symbols

Changing the graphic of a relation is useful for incidental occurrences during modeling, for example, for one ore more relations on a specific view. If you need a specific relation type to be presented with a different shape at all times when modeling, you can better define the custom shape of the relation in a custom viewpoint definition.

Relation displayed with its regular line endings (left) and with custom line endings (right)

Changing the graphic shape

  1. In the diagram or view, select the relation(s) of which you want to change the graphic shape.

  2. Right-click (one of) the selected relation(s) and click Change Graphic Shape.

  3. In the Change Graphic Shape window, set the new shapes for the From-point and To-point of the relation.

    Select No Shape if you do not want to use a symbol at all.

    Select Shape and select a new shape or icon to change the line ending(s). The list shows all available symbols containing shapes and icons.

    Not all symbols are suitable to be used as line ending because they may not scale well for example. You can check an overview of basic symbols that are most suitable as line endings for relations.

    Instead of clicking symbols in the list to change the selection, you can also use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to go to the previous or next symbol in the list, to quickly scroll through all available options.

  4. Click OK to save the changes.

Resetting the graphic shape of a relation to its default

  1. Select the relation in the diagram or view, right-click it and click Change Graphic Shape.

  2.  In the Change Graphic Shape window, in From and/or To, select Default shape.

  3. Click OK to save the changes.

Resetting all graphical attributes of a relation

You can reset all assigned graphical attributes of a relation to their default value. To do this, select the relevant relation in the diagram or view and click Reset in the Markup group on the Home ribbon tab.