The default presentation of a SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, Porter's Five Forces, Balanced Scorecard, and Business Model Canvas can be adjusted by changing the color of the category blocks in the view or changing the way the elements look. Following options are available:

Block color

The colors of the Business Model Canvas blocks can be changed by activating Edit category colors, in the canvas Properties window. After activating a color control  is available in each block to change its color. Use the  control to reset a block to its original color.

Element size

The default size of the elements can be changed by changing the values of Default element width and Default element hight in the canvas Properties window.

Element presentation style

The shape of the elements can be adjusted by changing the presentation style  via the canvas menu. Example:

Element color (only Business Model Canvas)

The default color of the elements in the Business Model Canvas can be changed by selecting an element, and then clicking a color at the top of the element.