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The value range of an axis that is showing a dimension, is calculated automatically based on the data selected for that chart. However, it is possible to change the minimum and maximum value of the axis in order to adjust the value range in the chart. The value range can be changed in a bar chart, bubble chart, line chart, and spider chart. A few examples

Initial values (left) and adjusted maximum value (right)


Initial values (left) and adjusted minimum and maximum value (right)

Changing the minimum or maximum value of an axis

  1. In the chart, on the value axis, select the minimum or maximum value.

  2. Type the new desired value, and press Enter.

The chart is automatically adjusted to the new value range.

Restoring the initial axis values

  • Select the changed minimum or maximum value, and press Enter.

The chart automatically recalculates the value range based on the chart data and shows it in the chart.