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The following elements can be used to build a Coach view. The coach, view browser and help box are the default elements that are initially present when creating a new Coach view. The description box and thumbnails can be added if needed. All elements are optional to use, and can be removed from the view if desired.

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The coach is the central part of the view. Phases of the modeling method can be defined in a cyclic or sequential process. Available coach types are Cycle, Cycle+, and Sequence. View some examples.







View browser

In the view browser, views and viewpoints are added that are relevant to a phase in the coach, or to the coach in general. The views and viewpoints can be grouped. Clicking a view or viewpoint will open it.


Description box

The description box can be used for adding descriptive text about anything relevant to the Coach view.


Help box

The help box can be used for adding explanatory text about components of the Coach view.

The help text box is context-sensitive; help text can be added for each phase, view or viewpoint, and for the Coach view in general.



The thumbnails box can be used for adding thumbnails of views in the model. Clicking a thumbnail will open the respective view.