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Only available in the BiZZdesign on-premise solutionIf you are working with the cloud solution, you can contact BiZZdesign Support to submit a change request for this setting if you are experiencing problems with the Team Server and BiZZdesign needs a log file.

The Team Server logs contain technical information about events when running the Team Server. The logs contain for example information about errors that have occurred and help finding the cause of an error.

By default the logs will be rolled over based on the size of the log file. Where the size of the log file has a maximum of 10 MB, and a maximum of 10 files will be kept. You can choose to keep this standard configuration, but you can also choose to use rotation by amount and size with different numbers, and additionally configure log rotation based on date.

The configuration of the logging is part of the wrapper.conf file (TeamServerHome\conf folder). To configure the log rotation configuration, open the file in a text editor, and make the changes as described below.

Configuring the Team Server log rotation should only be done by application administrators who are familiar with installing and configuring software and databases.

Log rotation by the amount and size of log files

The amount and size of the log files can be adapted with the following properties present in the # Wrapper Logging Properties section of the wrapper.conf file:


If log rotation by date is also configured, the amount and size set for the log files are for one day. Therefore it is recommended to keep the wrapper.logfile.maxsize and wrapper.logfile.maxfiles to control the amount of logging on one day.


The maximum size that the log file will be allowed to grow to before the log is rolled. The size is specified in bytes, and may be abbreviated with the 'k' (KB) or 'm' (MB) suffix. For example: 10m = 10 megabytes. If the wrapper.logfile does not contain the string ROLLNUM, it will be automatically added as suffix of the file name.


The maximum number of rolled log files that will be allowed before old files are deleted.

Log rotation by date

It is also possible to create log files per day and set the amount of log files for a number of days. This can be done by changing the following properties in the # Wrapper Logging Properties section of the wrapper.conf file:

# wrapper.logfile.rollmode=DATE
# wrapper.logfile.maxdays=10

  • Specify the date format by adding the following information:


  • Activate the following settings by removing the #. Change the maximum number of days if needed:

    Controls the roll mode of the log file. Is set to DATE to control the amount of log files based on the date. If DATE is set and wrapper.logfile.maxsize is set, the log file will be rolled by size and date.

    The maximum number of log file days to keep if wrapper.logfile.rollmode is set to DATE.