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Since Enterprise Studio release 2.2.0, the DMN™ functionality is available in the software as a replacement for the TDM functionality. DMN (Decision Model and Notation) is a standard published by the Object Management Group® (OMG) for modeling repeatable decisions within organizations, supporting decision management and business rules.

As of release 2.4.0 it is no longer possible to create new TDM models, and existing TDM models can only be opened read-only. You need to convert your existing TDM models to equivalent DMN models in order to continue working with them.

During the conversion, the following will happen to your TDM model data:

  • Every TDM rule family is mapped to a DMN decision.
  • For every non-derived TDM fact type, a DMN input data element is created; input data elements are shown in the listed input data mode.
  • Rule family tables are mapped to DMN decision tables with hit policy "any" (for regular fact types) or "collect" (for list fact types).
  • Links from business process models (Amber or BPMN) and to data models (Amber UML, UML or ERD) are moved from the TDM model to the DMN model.

Before you start converting, make a backup of your TDM models!


  1. In Enterprise Studio, open a model package with (a) TDM model(s).

    The TDM models in the package are read-only; in the model browser the models are displayed with a gray bar, and open views have a gray background.

  2. In the model browser, right click the TDM model, and then click Convert to DMN.

  3. A message appears indicating that all TDM models in the model package will be converted to DMN. Click OK to continue.

  4. Wait until the "Conversion to DMN complete" message box appears, and then click OK.

    The model browser now shows the DMN models alongside the original (read-only) TDM models. They have the same name as the original TDM models, but with (DMN) appended. Example:

  5. Remove the original TDM models from the model package: right click a TDM model, and then click Delete TDM model. Do this for each TDM model present in the model package.

  6. Save the changed model package and close it.

Perform the above procedure for each model package with TDM models that need to be converted.

If there are any problems during or after the conversion, please contact BiZZdesign Support.