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When creating ArchiMate® models, there is the possibility to create your models using the new style color scheme instead of the original "classic" style. The "Total view" and all specific view types that are avalaible for ArchiMate modeling in Enterprise Studio are based on the classic color scheme. The "Total view new style" uses the new color scheme.

Example of a view using the classic color scheme (left) and the new style color scheme (right)

If you prefer modeling with the new style color scheme, then you should only use the "Total view new style" for creating your views. This view type allows all ArchiMate concepts, so there should be no limitation in modeling. If you prefer to use the specific view types, then you are bound to the classic color scheme.

Transforming existing views in classic style to new style

If you have existing views using the classic color scheme and want to transform them to the new color scheme, you can move or copy the contents of such a view to a new "Total view new style". All contents will automatically be adjusted to the new color scheme. If the new view still shows elements in the old style, it means that these elements have been manually customized. After resetting the customized elements the new style will be visible. Example:

Transform classic style view to new style