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This functionality is only applicable to the ArchiMate metamodel.

The context menu for adding views to an ArchiMate® model can be customized in the Menu definition view. This view contains the structure of the context menu, including submenus (represented by view categories ) and views (represented by viewpoint definitions ).

Menu definition (left) of the ArchiMate "New" context menu (right)

New menu categories and custom viewpoint definitions can be added, and existing categories and views can be removed or relocated to create the desired menu.
To customize the New context menu, follow the steps below.

  1. In the ArchiMate metamodel package, navigate to the Viewpoints folder, expand Menu definition, and click one of the view categories below it to open the Menu definition view.

  2. Depending on the changes you want to make to the menu, add, move and/or remove view categories and (custom) views.

Adding menu categories

Add menu categories to create submenus.

  1. In the Create pane, click , and in the menu definition, select the menu category under which you want to position the new menu category.

    To add menu categories on a deeper level, use the  and  controls to expand and collapse the menu structure.

  2. Name the menu category, and if needed, move it to the desired position in the structure. Use the  controls to move it.

Adding viewpoint definitions

Add viewpoint definitions to add views to the submenus.

  • In the model browser, in the Custom Viewpoints or Default Viewpoints folder, select the viewpoint definition that you want to add, and drag it onto a menu category in the menu structure. If needed, move it to the desired position in the structure using the  controls.

Removing items from the menu definition

To remove a menu category or viewpoint definition from the menu definition, click the item in the structure, and press Delete. Any menu categories and/or viewpoint definitions below it are automatically removed too.

When you are ready customizing, the menu definition can be validated.

ArchiMate® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.