You can easily create posters of views in Horizzon sites by downloading them. These can be views originating from Enterprise Studio and in Horizzon BPMN diagrams. A view or diagram can be downloaded in SVG or PDF format, enabling you to display the view at large size and keep a high quality image.

If a generated color view or label view is active on the view, it will be shown in the downloaded file. In the case of an SVG color view, the legend will be downloaded in a separate PNG file. It may then be needed to allow Horizzon to download multiple files. Your web browser will then show a message asking if downloading multiple files should be allowed. Examples:


  1. In Horizzon, go to a site, and then go to the view you want to create a poster of.

  2. At the top of the view page, click Download, and then select the desired output format.

The downloaded file(s) is/are automatically saved to your default download location.