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Creating a poster of your model diagram or view enables you to display your diagram or view at large size and keep high quality images. You can create a poster of an entire diagram or view, but also of a selection of elements in the diagram or view. Posters can be created in PDF, SVG and EMF format. 

Example of a poster in PDF format


  1. Open the diagram or view you want to create a poster of and make sure it is the active (visible) diagram/view.

  2. Optional: If you want to create a poster of only a selection of elements, select these elements in the diagram or view.

  3. Choose one of the following:

    In the ribbon click Report > Poster.

    On the File tab, click Print > Create Poster.

  4. In the Create Poster window, specify the poster settings:

    1. In Output format, select the desired output format of the poster: PDF (default), SVG (vector image), or EMF. If you use shadows in your model objects and choose the PDF format, be aware that the shadows will not be shown in the poster.
    2. Optional: By default, the entire diagram or view is included in the poster (Diagram). If you only want to include the elements you have selected at step 2, click Selection.

    3. Optional: In Margins in mm, set the page margins for the poster. Default setting for the margins is 10 millimeter.

  5. In Location, specify the location where the poster must be saved. If you do not change it, the poster is saved in your Temp folder.

  6. In File name, type a name for the poster. By default, the poster has the name of the diagram or view.

  7. Optional: If you do not want the poster to be opened directly after creating, clear the Open file check box.

  8. Click OK to create the poster.