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Creating an SQL connection works similar to creating a ServiceNow connection.


You want to exchange model information between Enterprise Studio and SQL about projects (modeled as work packages), their start and end date, and the managers (modeled as business actors) of the projects.

To realize the information exchange, the following connection can be created:

The following needs to be done to create the connection. For the details about each step, please refer to the steps for creating a ServiceNow connection.

Like with a ServiceNow connection, there is no prescribed order in which the table and the meta-elements of a mapping should be configured to create the mapping. The preferred order may depend on what you want to use the connection for.

  1. Add an SQL connection as the basis for the mapping, and specify the connection properties.

  2. Define a mapping with two linked tables.

  3. Define the SQL tables and their columns by configuring the mapping tables. One table for the work packages with their start date, end date, costs, and manager, and one table for the business actors.

  4. Define the model data on the Enterprise Studio side by adding metaobjects and their properties.

  5. Map the model data from the tool side to the SQL table by creating relations between the model elements and the mapping tables, including a connection between the two mapping tables (object reference).

  6. Specify the mapping properties for import and/or export. For each mapping relation in your connection mapping(s), specify the mapping properties that are relevant to your use of the connection.