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You can create and share sites for model packages and projects you are invited to.

Required roles

Lead Designer

On this page:

Creating a site

  1. In the sidebar menu, click Sites, and then click New site.

  2. On the Create site page, in Select model package or project, select the model package or project for which you want to create a site, and click Create site.

  3. In Site, under Site properties, add the name for the new site. If desired you can also add a description and set a contact person for the site. The contact person does not necessarily have to be the creator of the site. The contact person would be the person or department (or anyone/anything) to turn to for questions and remarks regarding the contents of the site.

  4. Click Apply to save the changes.

  5. Click Scope and start view, and specify the scope and start view for your site:

    1. In Select scope, select the models and folders in the model package or project that you want to include in the site. You can select models, folders on model package level, and folders on model level to include in the scope. Only the objects and views for the selected models and folders will be shown in the site once created.

    2. In Select scope, click the folder containing the view that you want to set as the start view for the site, and in Select start view, click the view. The start view is the view that will be shown in the site's thumbnail on the Sites page.

      If you do not set a scope and start view, the thumbnail on th the Sites page will show a placeholder image. When opening the site, the Views page will be shown instead of the start view.

    3. Click Apply to save the changes.

You can now view the model package or project data in the site in HoriZZon. If you return to the HoriZZon home page, the newly created site will be visible on the Sites page. Once a site has been created, its content will automatically be updated with the latest changes done in Enterprise Studio once these have been committed.

Accessibility of the site

A site that you have created but that you have not shared yet is only visible to you and to other Lead Designer users who have been invited to the model package or project the site is based on. The site can also be managed by you and these other Lead Designers, meaning that you can change the site's name, scope and start view, share and embed the site, or delete it. If you want other users to be able to view your site you need to share the site.

Sharing a site

Sites can be shared with groups of users, not with single users (unless this single user is in a separate group).

If you are not the creator of a site, you can only share the site if it has been shared with you and if you have been invited for the model package or project the site is based on.

  • On the Manage site page, click Share and embed, select the user group(s) you want to share the site with, and click Apply.

The users from the invited groups will now be able to view the site.

Once created, a site is also shown on the page of the model package or project the site is based on, on the page of the group the site has been shared with, and on the user page of the users belonging to that group. If you click the site on one of these pages, it is opened.