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Adding a Coach view to your model

To add a Coach view to your ArchiMate® model, do as follows:

  • In the model browser, right-click the ArchiMate model, and click New > Overview > Coach view.

The model browser now shows the new Coach view . Click the view to open it.

Putting a Coach view in edit mode

To be able to perform some of the actions to build your Coach view, the view needs to be in edit mode. In edit mode, the view shows a number of controls on the elements in the view, which can be used to make customizations. If edit mode is required, it will be indicated.

To put the Coach view in edit mode:

  • In the view, click  to open the canvas menu, and then click . Click the control again to return to regular mode.

Building a Coach view

Generally, the following steps can be performed to build your own Coach view. There is no prescribed order for performing the steps. Just add the components you want to use, and leave out or remove the components you do not need.

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