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The colors used in a color view and relation color view are generated randomly. If you want to use specific colors in the generated view, you can change them.


  1. In the legend of the color view, click a color in the legend.

  2. In the Color window, select a different color or define your own color, and click OK.

The new color is now included in the color view:

You can change each color in the legend if you want. If you prefer to limit the number of colors that is used, select the same color for multiple values.

The new color scheme is included in the viewpoint that is created when the color view was generated. Each time you generate a color view by reactivating the viewpoint, the customized color scheme is applied, on any view.

As long as the viewpoint is still unsaved, it is available in the model package for the duration of your tool session. As long as the model package is open, the viewpoint is available. Once the model package or Enterprise Studio is closed, the unsaved viewpoint will be lost. If you want to keep the viewpoint with the customized color scheme, you need to save it in the model.

Resetting a customized color scheme to its default

To reset the colors of a customized color scheme to their default values, click in the legend of the color view.