Enterprise Studio supports data integration with Technopedia®. Technopedia is a repository of market information on enterprise software and hardware (by Flexera and BDNA). The functionality allows for the integration of base product information and selected content packs from Technopedia. This way you can align and enrich your ArchiMate® models with product data from Technopedia, and use the information for analysis and decision-making.

Using the Technopedia data integration includes the following steps:

1. Link model objects to Technopedia items
2. Access information from the Technopedia items
3. Use the Technopedia information for analysis and decision-making

Data integration between an architecture model and Technopedia

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Required tool license

The Technopedia data integration functionality requires an Enterprise Studio license that includes Enterprise Studio + Horizzon Server + Horizzon (hosted or hybrid solution).

Access to Technopedia

To be able to access Technopedia information your organization needs a license for Technopedia, and a connection between Enterprise Studio and Technopedia. You can arrange the Technopedia license yourself, or Bizzdesign can request one for you.

Also, the model packages from which you want to access Technopedia information need to be stored on Horizzon, otherwise the connection with the Technopedia repository cannot be made.

Linking objects to Technopedia items

The Technopedia information is described in predefined, separate profiles, available on objects in ArchiMate models. The information from a Technopedia item can be accessed by linking objects to one or more Technopedia profiles. There is one predefined profile for the base product information, and several profiles for the content packs. The availability of the different profiles depends on the type of object.

Technopedia profiles available for a System software object

Assigning a profile and linking an information item can be performed for multiple objects at the same time.


  1. In an ArchiMate view, select an object, and in the object's Properties window, select the Technopedia profile and at least one of the other Technopedia-related profiles. When selected, the object now has a Technopedia control  to indicate that one or more profiles have been assigned. If you click the control, the Technopedia pop-up menu will appear.

    If you click the  in the Technopedia pop-up menu, the Technopedia control will be permanently visible on the object. That way you can mark an object as being linked to Technopedia. You can pin the Technopedia control for multiple objects at the same time.

  2. Click Select packs. An overview of related content packs is shown. Select the content pack(s) you want to use. First select a base content pack (the bold items), then if applicable, select any additional contents packs. Next, click (De)select, and click OK.

  3. In the Technopedia pop-up menu, click Search and link to open the search form.

  4. Search for the information item you need, and link your object to the item by clicking the link  button in front of the item.

    If you first want to review an item, click the underlined value in the Id column. Then use the Link button in the review form to link the information item to your object.

Accessing Technopedia item information

Technopedia item information can be accessed in Enterprise Studio. To access Technopedia item information of an object in your ArchiMate model, first load and update the data, then view the data. Please take note that Technopedia item information is not available when viewing the objects in Horizzon.


  1. Select the object, click , and then click Load and update. The information is automatically loaded.

    Loading and updating information can be performed for multiple objects at the same time.

  2. Next, click View information to open the information item properties window, and view the information.

The Technopedia control in an object is only blue if the content has not been loaded before, or if the last content load is not up to date.

Other users will not have the content you have loaded because it is stored in local storage only.

Changing a linked Technopedia item

If you want to change the Technopedia item that is linked to an object, you first need to actively unlink the currently linked item. After that, you can select the new item and link it to the object. If you do not first unlink the old item, a newly selected item will not be linked. Unlink the current Technopedia item by clicking Unlink in the item properties window:

Analyzing Technopedia item information

For analyzing and decision-making, the predefined Technopedia profile attributes can be used in the same way as any other profile attribute, except from the following differences:

  • The Technopedia attributes are read-only.
  • The Technopedia attributes are only persisted in the local storage; they are not stored in the model package on Horizzon, nor in a locally saved XMA. However, the link attributes (Endpoint, Id, Last update) in the "Technopedia" profile are persisted on Horizzon and in an XMA file.

On the ArchiMate ribbon tab, in the Technopedia group, several checks and analysis functions are available.

Showing an object's Technopedia end-of-life date in the life cycle

If you are working with life cycle views, it is possible to show the Technopedia end-of-life points on the objects' life cycles. It can be done by activating the Show Technopedia end of life option in the life cycle view display settings.

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