This topic only applies to the BiZZdesign cloud solution.

For saving your regular model packages, generated reports and posters, and new custom configuration in Enterprise Studio Online, the Home Folder and Temporary Files folders are available. Use these locations to store your data. If needed you can create subfolders.

Save data to personal storage

When to use which location?

For tracking and sharing your model packages, save them in your personal storage and on HoriZZon. All data stored in your personal storage, and on HoriZZon is persistent (files are synchronized). For tracked and shared model packages there is no need to commit any changes when ending your Enterprise Studio Online session. You can continue your work the next time. All your data is backed up daily.

The Home Folder location can be best used for few individual files and folders. All data in this location is persistent and backed up daily.

The Temporary Files folder should only be used to transfer files that you need during a session. The data will automatically be removed once the session ends. It can also be best used for folders containing many files (like hundreds or thousands), like generated RTF and InSite Lite reports, but also to temporarily store your new custom configuration for loading it in the application. Since there is no persistent storage (no file synchronization), this location provides the best performance when dealing with a large volume of files. 

Also, any data and files stored in any location outside the above locations are only available during the session, and will be automatically removed once the session ends.

The InSite Lite reporting function is deprecated and no longer supported. Please use HoriZZon for reporting your models.