A matrix chart of type Cross-relation or Cross-relation property shows the relations between objects. If relations between these objects need to be changed, it can be done in the model, but the matrix chart also support directly editing the relations in the chart. Depending on the type of chart, the following operations can be performed:

  • Cross-relation chart: adding and removing relations
  • Cross-relation property chart: editing relation property values

To be able to directly edit relations in a matrix chart, the chart's advanced options must be activated and the chart must be in edit mode.

Matrix chart

Examples of a matrix of type Cross-relation (left) and Cross-relation property (right)

Activating advanced options and edit mode

  1. Select the matrix chart, and click  to open the chart's Settings window.

  2. On the Definitions tab, click the red cross  in Advanced options to activate it.

  3. Click the Representation tab and click the red cross next to Edit mode.

  4. Optional, only for chart of type "Cross-relation": By default, a confirmation window is shown when removing relations before a relation is actually removed. If you do not want this window to be shown, then on the Representation tab, click the checkmark  next to Confirm deletion. With the setting deactivated, relations will be directly removed when clicking a chart cell.

Adding relations

Relations can directly be added in a matrix chart of type "Cross-relation".

  1. Click the  in a chart cell.

  2. If you have set a filter on the Z population that only allows only one type of relation or if only one type of relation can be added between the types of objects of both populations, it will directly be added.

    If you have set a filter that allows specific types of relations or if you have not set a filter at all, a window appears showing the types of relations that can be added between the objects of the X and Y population. Select the desired relation and click OK.

    Matrix chart editing relations

The new relation is added to your model and can be found in the model browser and a green checkmark  is shown in the cell to indicate the presence of the new relation.

The newly added relation will not automatically be drawn in any diagram or view containing the connected objects. You can make the relation visible in a diagram or view using the Show relations function.

Removing relations

Relations can directly be removed from a matrix chart of type "Cross-relation".

  1. Click the  in a chart cell.

  2. If a confirmation window appears, click OK to confirm the removal.

The relation is removed from your model and a gray cross  is shown in the chart cell to indicate there is no relation.

Editing relation properties

Relation properties can directly be edited in a matrix chart of type "Cross-relation property". Their values can be changed, removed, or set back to their default, if available. When removing a value, a value will be deleted or set to its default, if available.

Editing a value

Click a chart cell and change the value in the window that pops up. Example:

Matrix chart editing values

Removing a value or setting to its default

Keep Ctrl+Alt pressed and click a chart cell.