In addition to editing data blocks in Horizzon, it is possible to edit data blocks in Enterprise Studio, but in a limited way. When editing data blocks in Enterprise Studio, the following applies:

  • Editing data blocks is only possible on objects created in Enterprise Studio. That also includes diagrams and views. Data blocks on relations, external objects (entities) and objects created in Horizzon can only be edited in Horizzon. They are read-only in Enterprise Studio.
  • The objects with data blocks in Enterprise Studio are checked for data policies. If a data block does not have a policy with assigned editors, it cannot be edited in Enterprise Studio.
  • Only one object at a time can be edited. The data blocks cannot be edited in bulk (for example via import using a Connection model) or via script.
  • Calculated fields in data blocks are not updated automatically. Use the Refresh external objects option to update the values.

Required roles

Designer or Lead Designer

Example of data blocks on an object in Horizzon

The data blocks as shown in the above figure can also be edited in the following places in Enterprise Studio. Editing them works similar to editing regular object properties.

The object's Properties pane:

The Properties form on the object in diagram or view:

The Properties table: