As of the 10 August 2022 release, creating PDF posters of diagrams and views is no longer available by default in the on-premise solution of Enterprise Studio. Third party application Inkscape™ is no longer included in the Enterprise Studio installation bundle (view the 10 August 2022 release notes). The cloud solution is not affected by this (Enterprise Studio Online).

The preferred way to share your diagrams and views would be by embedding them. That way, the shared information will always stay up to date. Any changes to a diagram or view will automatically be processed. If you still want to be able to create PDF posters using your on-premise solution, the following options are available.

Install Inkscape in your on-premise Enterprise Studio installation

Separately install a compatible version of Inkscape in your on-premise Enterprise Studio environment to restore the PDF poster functionality. This is perfectly save to do, regardless of the fixes that has been made.

  1. Download Inkscape. Unzip it somewhere locally on your machine.

  2. In the unzipped folder "inkscape-for-bes-0-92-4" is a folder "Inkscape" with files. Place this folder including its files in the "runtime utilities" folder of your Enterprise Studio installation. (location: ...\BiZZdesign\Enterprise Studio 4\runtime utilities\

  3. Restart Enterprise Studio and follow the instructions for creating a poster. The PDF option is now available again.
    Creating a poster of a diagram or view

Create an SVG poster in Enterprise Studio and convert to PDF using Chrome™

  1. Follow the instructions for creating a poster in Enterprise Studio, but instead of selecting PDF, choose SVG as the output format.
    Creating a poster of a diagram or view

  2. Once the SVG is created, open it in the Chrome web browser.

  3. In the Chrome toolbar, click More > Print.

  4. In Destination, select Save as PDF.

  5. If needed, configure additional settings to make your diagram or view perfectly fit the page, like the page layout and scale.

  6. Click Save.

Alternatively, you can add an extension to Chrome for printing to PDF.

Chrome is a trademark of Google LLC.

Inkscape is a trademark of Software Freedom Conservancy.