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The Configuration tab of the Enterprise Studio Options window includes various settings related to the configuration of Enterprise Studio.

Some of the settings only take effect after restarting Enterprise Studio. This is indicated by the tool.




By default, the configuration of the application, such as the profile and symbol definitions, is retrieved from the configuration folder in the installation folder of Enterprise Studio.

If you have stored your (custom) configuration in a different location and want Enterprise Studio to retrieve it from there, click Use the configuration on the following location, and click Browse to select that location. It can be a network directory that can be shared by multiple persons.

The configuration in the different location will typically be a copy of the original configuration, so that the original configuration is retained.

Loading at Startup

If you have changed the Enterprise Studio tool configuration, select the Reload configuration at startup check box. If the new configuration is in the set location, the new configuration will be loaded at the startup of the tool.

When you are done customizing the tool configuration, the check box can be cleared again.

Every time the tool configuration has changed, the Reload configuration at startup check box needs to be selected to load the new configuration at the startup of the tool.


If changes have been made to the Enterprise Studio configuration, model packages that are stored on HoriZZon need to be migrated in order to become compatible with the new configuration after it is taken into use. By performing the migration the embedded configuration of the model package will be adapted to the new configuration in the tool installation.

To migrate a shared model package, open the model package from HoriZZon that needs to be migrated to the new configuration, and click Start migration.