Did you know that Bizzdesign offers eLearning courses to learn more about Enterprise Studio? The advantage of an eLearning course is that you can follow it whenever and wherever you like, you only need a laptop or computer with internet access and Enterprise Studio installed.

The Bizzdesign Enterprise Studio eLearning course provides you with a complete overview of Bizzdesign Enterprise Studio. You will also learn how to apply the ArchiMate® language and the Business Process Model and Notation™ (BPMN) standard in Bizzdesign Enterprise Studio.

For more information and prices, just click the link below to open the eLearning course product page. From there you can also apply for the course.

Bizzdesign Enterprise Studio - eLearning

If you have any questions about the eLearning course, or if you would like to organize a course in-company, please contact Bizzdesign Academy via the Contact button on the product page.

Free introductory eLearning course

You can also check out the free Enterprise Studio introductory eLearning course. Sign in or create an account and you can start.

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