Shared model packages and projects are stored on Horizzon, and a connection with Horizzon is necessary to be able to share model packages and projects between users. Usually, only one Horizzon storage place is installed and used. On the Storage Places tab of the Enterprise Studio Options window, you can manage the connections from Enterprise Studio with one or more Horizzon storage places. 

Section/Button/Check box


Available storage places

The list shows the Horizzon storage places that have been defined in Enterprise Studio. It is possible to connect with multiple storage places.

Here, you can add new storage places, change existing ones, or remove them.


Click to add a new storage place.

Usually, the storage place is already added to Enterprise Studio when you register with Horizzon. However, it is also possible to manually add additional storage places if you have configured more than one Horizzon storage place. To be able to do this the respective Horizzon must already be installed. Also, you need to have registered yourself with this Horizzon.

For more information, see Adding a storage place.


Click to edit the storage place selected in the list.


Click to remove the storage place selected in the list.