Enterprise Studio distinguishes between the language for showing the ribbon, menus, windows and messages (the application language), and the language for showing the model contents (the model language).

The tool uses the language of the Windows version installed on the computer as application language, provided that it is supported by Enterprise Studio.

If you want to use another language for the user interface and/or for the models, you can change the language at the general options.

Right-to-left language support

Enterprise Studio supports modeling and reporting in right-to-left languages. For Arabic script to work correctly in the tool it is necessary to select a language with Arabic script as the system default language for non-Unicode applications. The system default language should not be confused with the windows interface language. When you have changed the system default language, you need to reboot your computer.


Use the The Translation table to add a language supporting Arabic script, and set this language as the active language for you model. The default text direction of these languages is right-to-left. When modeling, the labels of the objects in your diagram or view are right-to-left oriented.

Currently the user interface of the tool is still left-to-right, which means that object names containing both Arabic and Roman script may be displayed in the wrong order because the default text direction is left-to-right.


When reporting your models, the RTF reports and InSite Lite reports are generated in right-to-left orientations when the active model language is a right-to-left language.

The InSite Lite reporting function is deprecated and no longer supported. Please use Horizzon for reporting your models.