When importing or exporting data using an Excel connection, enum values that are meant to be imported or exported as separate values, are shown as a single value. So instead of the values neatly shown in a dropdown list after an export for example, they are shown in one line. Example: 

The issue can also happen when working in Enterprise Studio Online, but only if you have an Office license activated.


If this happens, it means the separator symbol used in your Connection model is not recognized. The used separator is tied to the regional settings of the OS where Enterprise Studio resides, so they need to match. If you use the wrong separator symbol, values of an enum type do not correctly appear in a dropdown list.

Check the separator icon used in your Connection model

  1. In the Connection view, select the Excel Connection, and click to open its Properties window.

  2. Check the value in Collection separator symbol.

Check the separator sign used for Windows

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel.

  2. Go to Clock and Region > Region.

  3. Click Additional settings, and check the value set in List separator.