Each mapping that you add to a Kibana connection will by default be included when performing an export (or import). If you have defined more than one mapping in a Kibana connection, you have the option to (temporarily) exclude a mapping. This can be useful if you want to do an export for only part of the data defined in the connection.

If a mapping in a Kibana connection is included, it has a check mark in front of its name. To exclude a mapping, click the check mark. It turns into a cross . Click the cross to include the mapping again. When you perform an export on the connection, only the included mappings will be processed.

Kibana connection with one mapping excluded for export

Using the option to exclude mappings is likely most useful if you have three or more mappings in your connection. By excluding mappings you can easily switch between different combinations for exporting data, for example exporting data from two out of three mappings. If you just need to export data from one single mapping you can also choose to perform the export from within the Kibana mapping itself instead of excluding mappings in the connection. To do this, open the canvas menu in the respective mapping view and click .

Export model data from a single Kibana mapping

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