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For each object, an explore view can be generated that shows all objects it has a relation with, and the relations between them. The object of your choice is located in the center. By clicking the plus sign in a related object in the view, the view is extended with all objects related to that object, and so on. When you click the object (so not the plus), the Properties panel of that object slides in from the right showing information about the object.

Example of an explore view for object 'Order pizza'

The explore view can be accessed in the following ways:

Via the object properties

Select an object in a view to open its Properties panel. In the panel, click  at the top.

Via the object relations explorer

In the Properties panel of the selected object, open the Relations section, and then click  next to the object name.

If you click the in front of the object name, you can navigate the model over the related objects via a tree structure. If you click an object name its object page is opened.

Via the object page

On the object page, click Explore at the top of the page, or click the title of the explore view section on the page.