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It is possible to export your BPMN models from Enterprise Studio. You can export a single model, but also multiple BPMN models at the same time to one file. The Business Process Modeling Notation file format (BPMN) is a standard file format that can be used to exchange BPMN models between tools that create or interpret BPMN models.


  1. In the model browser, select the BPMN model(s) you want to export.

  2. On the BPMN tab, in the Export group, click BPMN.

    If you have selected the model package instead of a BPMN model, a selection window will appear in which you first need to select a BPMN model from the package.

  3. In the Export to BPMN file window, navigate to the location where the export file must be saved, enter a name for the export file, and click Save. The model is saved as a BPMN file.