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This information is intended for advanced users who are familiar with changing metamodel configurations.

Before exporting, always make a copy of the configuration you want to change, and export the customizations to this copy. Do not export directly to the original configuration folder!

To make metamodel customizations available in the tool configuration, you need to export them to the tool configuration.

If you choose to export your customizations, do it each time you have made changes to a metamodel. That way you are sure you always have the latest customizations in your tool configuration.


  1. On the Metamodel tab, in the Export group, click Export.

    If you have not yet validated the customizations, validation is automatically performed first. If validation fails, a window appears showing the number of errors and warnings. Details of the errors and warnings are shown in the Messages window. Fix the problems, and validate your customizations before exporting them.

  2. Select the configuration folder of the configuration you want to export the customizations to, and click OK.

    The selected tool configuration is now updated with the customizations. The customizations will be located in the customData folder within the metamodel folder of your configuration.

  3. Close the metamodel package without saving.

Existing Team Server model packages need to be migrated to be compatible with the new configuration.