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Model data can be exported from Enterprise Studio to one or more ServiceNow tables using a ServiceNow connection.

To be able to export data to ServiceNow you need to have read and write access to at least the ServiceNow tables sys_db_object, sys_dictionary, and sys_glide, and in addition to that to the tables you want to export to, including referenced tables.


  1. Select the ServiceNow connection in the view, and then click .

  2. A message indicating the start of the export appears. Click OK to start the export.

  3. If you have not previously activated the option to remember your credentials since opening the model package, a window appears first, asking for your credentials for ServiceNow. Enter your credentials and click OK.

    If you want Enterprise Studio to remember your credentials the next time, select the Remember my credentials check box.

  4. If activated, the connection is validated first. If validation is (partly) successful, or if there is no validation, export to ServiceNow starts. If the export is completed, a message confirming this appears. Click OK to close the message.

    If validation fails, a message appears indicating that errors have been found in the definition of the connection.

    • Click Yes to resolve the validation errors and warnings. After that, you can start the export again.
    • Click No if you want to continue the export without resolving the errors. It may result in an incomplete data export or no export at all.
    • Click Cancel if you want to cancel the export process.

After the export has finished, the Export to ServiceNow window appears showing a summary of the export in a table.

Table with a summary of an export to ServiceNow

For a more detailed report, you can generate a report of the last export by clicking the connection, and then clicking .