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Make sure you have opened the model package or project and perform one of the following steps: 

  • On the File tab, click Info, and then click the link View this project online to see who's invited.
  • On the File tab, click Manage Package or Manage Project, and then click the link See everyone who is invited for project name.

The Update tab of the Backstage view shows the contributions that can be processed in your model package. If the overview is empty, no contributions are available.

The  button at the top of the model browser indicates that contributions are available.

Click the button to navigate to the Update tab in the Backstage view and update your model package. If the arrow is gray , no contributions are available.

Unprocessed changes are also indicated in the Activity Console. They are marked by a  next to the activity.

It is not possible to process only part of the available contributions. When you update you copy of the model package via File > Update, all available contributions are retrieved.