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The compare view is a type of color view. It shows whether or not two different properties have the same value or different values. To generate a compare view, follow the steps below. The procedure is illustrated by the following example. 


A BPMN example is comparing the responsibility and accountability of company employees in a business process. The responsibility and accountability are set in the "Responsibility" profile properties of the task.

This comparison can be shown visually with the comparison view, in which the responsibility and accountability for the tasks in a process are shown. If a task has two colors, the person accountable for the task is another person than the one responsible for the task.


  1. Open the diagram or view for which you want to generate the compare view.

  2. Determine the selection for your compare view.

    If you want to create a comparison for all objects in the diagram or view, select the diagram or view in the model browser to make it the selection for your label view.

    If you want to create a comparison for a specific type of object in the diagram or view instead of all objects, select the respective object in the diagram or view or in the model browser.

  3. On the View tab, in the View Filter group, click the arrow control  next to Colors, and then click Compare.

  4. The Compare view window that appears shows all profile properties of the selected element. Select the properties that you want to compare.

    If you are generating a view within an ArchiMate® model, you can also select metrics if these are present in the model.

  5. Click OK to generate the view.

In the example below the responsibility and accountability are displayed for the tasks in the process. As can be seen they differ for some of the tasks (the ones with two colors).

Compare view for tasks in a BPMN process

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