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The relation color view is a type of color view. It presents relation information in color for each object with which a relation exists. To generate a relation color view, follow the steps below. The procedure is illustrated by the following example.


You want to view for each application service which business processes and business interactions it serves. This corresponds with relations of type "serving" starting from an application service ("from") and ending at a business process and business interaction ("to").


  1. Open the view or diagram for which you want to generate the relation color view.

  2. On the View tab, in the View Filter group, click the arrow control  next to Colors, and then click Relation Colors. The Relation Color View window appears.

    The window only shows the components that actually exist in the model. For example, if you did not model relations between applications, the application concept is not listed in the From and To columns.

  3. Select the components of the model and the intermediate types of relations you want to show using the view filter.

    In the From column, select the Application service concept, in the Via column, select the Serving relation, and in the To column, select the Business service and Business process concepts.

  4. Click OK to confirm the selection.

The result of the selection is now presented in colors in the view.

Relation color view in opposite direction

The Color in opposite direction check box in the Relation Color View window queries the model in opposite direction. Instead of determining for each application service by which business processes and business interactions this service is used, for each business process and business interaction is determined which application services these process and interaction use. This is shown in the view below.