This topic only applies to the BiZZdesign cloud solution.

When generating an RTF or InSite Lite report or creating a poster in Enterprise Studio, a location needs to be specified for storing the report or poster. When generating a report with Enterprise Studio Online, you need to set a specific location in order to be able to further distribute the report or poster.

Report and poster storage location

When generating an RTF or InSite Lite report or a poster, save it to the Temporary Files folder. This folder is one of the used storage locations in a remote session, and is typically used to transfer files that you need during one session.

Set storage location for InSite Lite report

Distributing reports and posters

The InSite Lite reporting function is deprecated and no longer supported. Please use Horizzon for reporting your models.

In order to distribute a generated report or poster, it first needs to be downloaded from your remote session to your local device. An RTF report or poster is a single file and can easily be downloaded. A generated InSite Lite report however consists of a lot of separate files, and needs to be compressed first before downloading it.

To compress an InSite Lite report, follow these steps:

  1. In the remote session toolbar, point to , and then click File Explorer.

  2. In the file explorer window, open the folder in which the folder with the report is located. Usually this would be the Temporary Files folder.

  3. Right-click the report folder, and then click Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder. A zip file is added below the report folder.

  4. Close the file explorer window. The compressed report is now ready for downloading.