Most of the ArchiMate objects have their icon displayed when you add them to a view. It is located in the upper right corner of the object. Few ArchiMate objects and objects of other metamodels do not have an icon, but it can be present if an object has been customized.

If you do not want the icon to be shown on an object, you can hide it. You can hide it for one object but also for multiple objects at the same time.

ArchiMate objects with their icon shown (left) and hidden (right)


  1. In the diagram or view, select the object(s) of which you want to hide the icon.

  2. In the Home ribbon tab, click Hide icon .

To make the icon visible again, select the object(s) and click again. You can also click Reset to restore an object's graphical attributes to their default, but be aware that it will reset all graphical attributes.