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To make important decisions you may want to be able to visualize all systems that have a relation with each other. This way you can better understand the implications of what would happen if you remove an element from the chain. One way of doing this is using a highlight script. The script highlights all elements that are related to the selected element. This way you can see the chain of elements and what the effects will be if you remove one of them.

Example of an element and all its related elements


  1. In a diagram or view, select the element for which you want to find the related elements.

  2. Open the Query editor (Ctrl+Q) and past the script into the window. Set the output type to 'View: Highlight view' and execute the script.

Save the script as viewpoint for later use. How?


s = Set();
forall e in selection s.add(e is "Reference" ? : e);
n = 0;
while (s.size() > n) 
n = s.size();
forall e in s 
forall r in e.relations()
forall e in s {
output e;