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You can import data from files of other tools into your ArchiMate® model. Different import formats are supported. The availability of a file format depends on the level at which you import: at model level or model package level. 

Import file formats

ArchiMate Model Exchange File

The ArchiMate Model Exchange File format is a standard file format that can be used to exchange ArchiMate models between tools that create or interpret ArchiMate models. The import supports ArchiMate 2.1, 3.0, and 3.1 models.


Importing CSV files can be applied to ArchiMate models. When importing CSV files only the semantic information is imported: the objects and attributes. Relationships and graphics are not included. The import results are presented in the Worksets pane.


XMI® (XML Metadata Interchange) is a standard of the Object Management Group® (OMG) for exchanging metadata information via XML. You can import these XML files in your ArchiMate model.


Visio drawings can be imported in ArchiMate models. Shapes, text, and relations in Visio are imported based on a mapping that specifies which shapes and relations are mapped onto which types of objects and relations in Enterprise Studio. For more information about importing Visio diagrams, please refer to Importing Visio diagrams into ArchiMate models.

Importing files

  1. In the model browser, select the model package (only XMI/XML) or ArchiMate model (ArchiMate, CSV, XMI/XML)  in which you want to import data.

  2. On the ArchiMate tab, in the Import group, click the import type of your choice: ArchiMate, CSV, or XMI/XML.

  3. In the Import objects window, select the file you want to import and click Open.

When importing, warning and error messages may be generated.

Example of messages on ArchiMate import

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