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BiZZdesign Connect is a powerful functionality that allows you to import various attributes to various objects. This topic describes how you can import Boolean values from an Excel file into an ArchiMate® model, using an Excel connection. Before creating a mapping for the import, make sure that your ArchiMate model supports Boolean values. If not, you first need to create a custom profile for Boolean values using the Metamodeler. By customizing the ArchiMate metamodel an attribute is added to an existing object.

Creating a custom profile for Boolean values

  1. Open the Metamodeler and create a new profile on your Custom Profile Definition view. Give this profile a name, for example BooleanValue.

  2. Assign this profile to a concept, for example BusinessActor. Determine if the profile must be always assigned to (mandatory assigned) or assignable to (assign by choice).

  3. Add an attribute and via properties give it a name, for example "YesNo". Set the type to "boolean".

  4. Save the customizations and apply them to your model package.

Creating the mapping

  1. Add an Excel connection to your Connection view with a mapping with a regular table, and set the model context in the mapping properties.
  2. Double-click the mapping table to open it, add a metaobject, and configure it. Set the object type, for example Business actor, and add an attribute for the Boolean value.

    Instead of typing the name of the object type, you can also create an object of the type via the model browser, and drag it onto the metaobject. It will automatically set the type.

    If you already have objects of the type in your ArchiMate model, you can also drag one of these onto the metaobject.

  3. Map column A to your metaobject, and column B to your custom attribute.

  4. Return to the connection, and run the import.

If the import is not working correctly, check if the column with Boolean values in your Excel file has the correct formatting for the mapping. To do this, run an export to Excel using the connection. The generated Excel file will show the necessary formatting of the Boolean attribute. Example:

If you use the wrong formatting (for example 0/1 or Y/N), it will not be recognized by the import. Use the column with Boolean values from the export file as guideline for the column in your Excel file by adjusting your column or using the column from the export file in your Excel file.

Below you can download an example model:


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