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This topic explains how to import objects with a relation into Enterprise Studio using an Excel connection. As an example the import of a Business Role and a Business Actor with an Association relation is described.


  1. First create the desired objects. Create a new empty Archimate® metamodel and add a Connection View.

  2. On the Connection view, add an Excel Connection and click Add mapping with regular table

  3. Click on Worksheet, add an Object, go to properties and use the type "Business actor". When unsure about what to use on type: 

    Create the object on the Total View and drag it to this view. It will automatically create the appropriate type.

  4. Connect the objects to the columns:

The relation needs to be connected to the "Population column"

Only one relation is allowed per Worksheet. Add more Worksheet if more relations are required.

Below you can download an example model and Excel file to start with:



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