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When generating an InSite Lite report, it shows properties or attributes that should not be included in the report. Example:


When an InSite Lite report is generated, all properties and profile attributes with relevant values are included in the report. These are the properties and attributes for which at some point a value has been set or activated. If a property or attribute is no longer needed in the report and its value has been removed or deactivated, it will still be included in the report. The fact that the property or attribute has been set makes it relevant for the report and will therefore be included. 

To make sure that the property or attribute is not included in the report, it needs to be reset to its default value.


  1. In the model browser or in the diagram or view, select the element for which the property or attribute is shown in the InSite Lite report.

  2. In the element's Properties pane, click the Properties tab and select the property or attribute that you want to leave out of the report.

  3. At the bottom of the Properties pane, click Default.

The property or attribute is now set to its default value again and will not be included in the report.